Dinero The Blessed Child - LYRICAL FITNESS

Lyrical Fitness... you gotta check this project out. If you don't, you're missin out. His freestyle lyricism is phenomenal!  He is heavily involved in B.O.C. Music and the operations of the camp. Keep your ears open for Dinero, and Black Young Ent!!!

This is one of the songs from Lyrical Fitness called 'BRING THE HORNS'


Born in Jacksonville Florida, Don ‘Dinero the Blessed Child’ Phillips II has a story some would pass off as fiction. The tale of his life reads like a novel of ups and downs glued together with the constantly changing back drop he called home. His love for music is a direct product of the soulful tunes that would fill his home as a youth. Drawing from his own life experiences, he seems to draw you into his mind with his slight southern drawl and east coast vernacular. In the early years he would write his lyrics and go verse for verse with his older sister. Music became one of his passions, and he found he had a gift for entertaining crowds. This love was deepened when his family relocated to Virginia Beach and he eventually attended Salem Junior High, residing in the Carper neighborhood. He would listen to the kids around him freestyle in the halls and cafeteria all day. He also found himself spending most of his days in the neighborhood that would later produce acts like Timbaland, The Clipse, and The Neptunes. Though he had moved away before they came about, the areas rich musical influence stuck with him. After relocating to the Seattle area he began to take his music more serious. He began to hone his skill as a writer and developed his flow. He formed a group that went by the name Underground Clic, which would later become Black Young. Over the years he has participated in a number of talent shows, written music for a vast array of artist. He has recorded a number of mixtape songs and verses on upcoming artists’ albums, along with his own singles that have carried him along as an underground talent. He took his skills even further, becoming a producer to complete his cycle as a complete musical artist.


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