Known as one of the few real emcees in the Seattle area, A.K.A. brings a rejuvenation to hip hop that has been missing for a long time. An avid storyteller he is known for the imagery in his lyrics, as well as being able to paint the perfect picture in his words.

Kevin "A.K.A." Johnson is the nephew of George Clinton, creator of Parliament-Funkadelic, It was his "p-funk" teaching that taught him the best lessons he has taken into his artistry. Raised with some of the best inventors of funk and hip hop music, A.K.A. lived for 4 years with his uncle, whom gave him a good education in how to make music and how to write. It shows that he was an excellent student and then some, he has since taken the lessons he was given and applied it to what he does now.

A.K.A. also counts LL Cool J, Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Notorious B.I.G., Andre 3000 and a long list of others as his influences and feels his music reflects their flow and style. One listener of his music writes, "You wont catch him talking about gang banging or anything ignorant." Rather, he specializes in being a storyteller and has spread his talent throughout Washington state.

A prolific creator of mix-tapes, you can find his songs on many of the 12 mixtapes that he released in the summer of 2010.

His most recent project, his EP "HERE I AM: THE SOUL SESSIONS" was released on February 14th 2011. He is currently working on more mixtape projects that he will release yet again this summer.