A quik song I made - "They're Showing You What Pain Is" - (JL)

I had a day off from work and I made a song, I spent all day on it but that's about it. I made the pik vid along with some help from a homee in a few hours. :) ENjoy ya'll.. Keep yo falsified energy to yuhself if your eyes arent with mine, at least im saying SUMTH"N!! Yuh know??
The song is about the corrupt government around you.. We have "believed" them and theyre promises but they were NEVER for us. "Beware of a false presence bearing false gifts and broken promises." If you ask me we are following the life dictated by the force of the devil, but I understand much, Im not a simple fast food eating television watching man who goes with the flow. I study so much, night after night.. year after year.. One love everyone.. - JL