Tha eLement aka SUPAST★R

There is one emcee, songwriter, business man, who can claim he truely has what it takes to make it in this cold rap game. He is known as 'Tha eLement' to many, and due to other artist attempting to use the same moniker, he also goes by Tha Cali Supastar. Tha Cali Supastar was born in sunny San Diego, Ca in the Fall of '79. Through out the progression of Hip Hop music over the years as a youth he had travelled and lived in many states besides California i.e. Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Jersey, Kentucky. He was an avid listener of different types of music growing up in the MTV generation. As he grew into into music and adulthood, he had enjoyed english classes for teaching him the basics of poetry. From here, he began songwriting and worked at it for years and eventually got into writing rap as well as R&B songs. He did a five year enlistment in the military traveling to different states and countries learning to freestyle and rap from people of different walks of life. He has become very versatile in his ways of writing and delivery and can definately be considered a key to the future of Hip Hop. Without management or an agent, he has completed 2 mixtapes (Quiet Az Kept series Vol I & II selling over a thousand copies), a demo, wrapping up Vol III of the mixtape series as well as a street album 'the novel experiment'',and a handful of features on underground albums and mixtapes from coast to coast and overseas. He has radio play in a few states on the eastcoast due to networking. He has club play in different clubs in the northwest and has dozens of peformances overseas and in the northwest in just the last 18 months. Lack of distribution and a label has caused him to create his own entertainment group, Three Seven ENT.,where he is currently signed to along side the rap group Street Hop Legendz. He is signed with B.O.C. Music as well and they are definitely here for the long run. His newest mixtape and first street album are about to hit listeners hard, so keep an ear close to streets to hear the buzz... Anything with tha eLement aka tha Cali Supastar starring or featuring is definately buzz-worthy

E. Lathan-
tha eLement
tha CaliSupastar
1/3RD of the Street Hop Legendz


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Tha eLement: Freestyle

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On That Real - Extended Version

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