KOTD - WD2 - Illmaculate vs Bender

It isn't fair to say that lyricism is a lost art in battling. While there has been a mainstream transition towards both higher levels of comedy and straightforward aggression in performances, there have consistently been talented wordsmiths raising the bar when it comes to dexterity with a pen occupying the scene. The next release from World Domination 2, one of the most anticipated battles of the year, features two of the finest writers in battling putting themselves to a test of bars over bullshit. Portland's Illmaculate has so many accolades to his name it's barely worth listing them all, while Ottawa's Bender is coming off a recent reign as KOTD Champion after a meteoric rise to the top. Both have something to prove, with Illmac making his solo debut on Canadian soil and Bender seeking to rebound from his first official loss in a KOTD ring. Which of these two caged beasts will show up with the sharper pen game, and emerge with the victory?