Les Blesd Feat. Duke Montana Video Ufficiale "Brace Yourself" Derava Pro...

Video Ufficiale New Official Video by Les Blesd Feat. Duke Montana, VIdeo Produced By Valentino D'Ercole Ranalli (Val Valentino) for DERAVA PRODUCTONS.
-Directed by Mauro Russo www.youtube.com/caniarrabbiati
-Edited by Valentino D'Ercole Ranalli www.derava.com
-Beat by Tone Theproducer/Artist www.reverbnation.com/tonetheproducerslashartist

- www.derava.com

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LeS bLeSd is a new world artist who is building a solid name and buzz around the globe in the hip hop scene one song at a time. Born Lester "Doneal" Bourage Jr. in Meridian,Mississippi, who would have known that the country boy would someday move to the west coast and begin an epic journey which would take him to legendary studios in Hollywood,CA to overseas collaborating with Italy's biggest hip hop artists by applying the sort of hustle, dedication, and talent that legends have proven to be born with. When LeS bLeSd arrived in L.A. he already knew what he would dedicate his life too at the age of 13. He knew he would need to develop his own style and attitude to match with his witty lyricism which he would develop over the years to come. After numerous high school battles and lunch table beatboxes it became evident that there was a difference in comparison,even as a teenager to those who rhyme as a hobby and those who passionately live through their words. After graduating at the early age of 16 and earning a college scholarship LeS bLeSd immediately enrolled at Musician's Institute for Recording and Audio engineering to learn the basics and then some of the professional recording world. Like so many others,life for bLeSd was not easy in L.A. and he was caught up in between his dreams and the struggle. Before he could reach his completion at M.I. his mother had an unfortunate accident which required that he work two jobs and help to support her and his little sister with rent and bills at home. Without hesitation he would strive to support his family and develop his craft of writing and delivery. The need for money reintroduced him to the street life for some time until it eventually lead him to being kicked out of the house and off on his own. He picked himself up and decided to rededicate his time and energy to his first true love,his music. Unfortunately not too long after his reconnection with his passion one of his lifelong friends,whom was a brother to him was slain in an effort to protect his girlfriend from an ignorant attack on the way to a local nightclub. Once again LeS bLeSd found himself in a time of turmoil and pain as he cooped with his loss of a loved one. He decided from that point on he would represent for his fallen brother and all his family and friends through his music and efforts with no stopping and a new found drive and extreme passion! Since then he has worked with legendary engineers and producers such as Kenny McCloud of Blackhole Studios and done won numerous showcases and received praise from the likes of Duke Montana,SugaFree,Mr. Capone-E,Freck the Billionaire,Medusa and many more artists and industry professionals. After producing and starring on his street single "Cut the Check" and producing his first mixtape hosted by Bad Boy Record's, Monica and 112's tour dj,DJ Siza he would shortly earn a trip to Italy to do his first Major artist collaboration and big production music video for his newly recorded international single "Brace Yourself". The song is currently being promoted and buzzing from the streets of Los Angeles to the cobble stones of Rome and all in between. Since his return to the Red,White and Blue he has began to work with major industry producers such as Andre "Dre" Knight and Superstar O on new material to begin his campaign in this new music industry of today. If ever there was an artist who was truly dedicated and passionate enough to prove he was worth his weight in gold, it would have to be this unsigned diamond from the dirt of Mississippi. LeS bLeSd doesn't not claim to be some sort of angel or feel he is "less blessed",but the industry definitely needs to prepare to be LeS bLeSd by this new found starchild of hip hop.