Dre Movie Meltdown

Next venture after Dre Beats

Not satisfied with revolutionizing the way in which people listen to music Dr Dre has decided to extend his not inconsiderable talents in yet another new direction with his latest venture. With Dre Beats successfully established as a highly marketable commodity the good Dr has decided to move his considerable frame onto a major silver screen project. Whether it is in drug addiction treatment centres or in the boardrooms on Wall Street there does not seem to be a place you can escape from his influences. The venture into movie production has been on the horizon for some time, but now it seems to be moving closer in to view.

From Gangsta rap to Hollywood

The transition from Gangsta Rap to Hollywood is not that uncommon and you only have to look at Dre’s old crew to see some of those that have moved across like Ice Cube, Ice T and LLCoolJ and established themselves as actors in their own right. Dre himself has played some roles on the big screen himself including a starring role in the 1996 movie; ‘Set it Off’, and a cameo in the ward winning Denzel Washington movie; ‘Training Day’. But this new venture will see Dre in the sort of role he has developed for himself over the past few years. Working, as he will be, in the capacity of a producer.

Directing the career of Eminem

Following from the success he had in directing the career of Eminem, Dre seems to have preferred the less visible aspect of the entertainment business. It could also be said of the approach he adopted in the development of Dre Beats. Working in the production and not stuck in front of the cameras. Although there is no doubt that his presence in the advertising and promotion did help to project Dre Beats onto the market in a way that could not have been achieved by many other recording artists, he seemed much happier working with the technology and creating the perfect product. Through this process the notorious Dr has established himself as an architect, the guy behind the scenes, pulling all the strings and making everything happen. It is as though he is actually too big for the limelight and can only work effectively in the shadows.

Horror thriller movie

No surprises then that the first movie of his Hollywood production career is a horror thriller movie. This is not a man who does nicey nicey. If he is going to be involved in a project it will need to have his hallmark dark edge about it. The premise of the movie, which will be called ‘Thaw’, is that of "ancient evil that emerges from the rapidly melting ice in the Yukon." Dre will act as co-producer with Daniel Schneider for the project from the Crucial Film company.

Dre’s own movie company

Crucial Films is Dr Dre’s own movie company which he established in 2007 and this will be the first major project that the company has undertaken. Given the level of control that Dre likes to exercise over his projects and the number of other ventures he has been involved in it is no real surprise it has taken this long to get up and running. The movie will scripted by Vik Weet and, as is the usual format with Dre productions, precious little other information is available. It is anticipated the project will be veiled in secrecy until the Dre decides what he would like to reveal. The only hope here is that Dre’s variety of alternative projects do not drag him away from the production process and slow this movie down as has been the case with some of the other projects he has been involved in.

Growing list of contributors

One project that does seem to have rumbled on for some time now is the production of Dre’s third studio album; ‘Detox’. It seems almost impossible that an artist of his magnitude and influence has only produced two solo albums in a career, as a soloist alone, that has spanned two decades. Of course during this time there have been innumerable other productions and with his own career established he has focussed a considerable deal of time developing his own paddock of musicians. When it is finally complete ‘Detox’ will be a veritable name check of who’s who in the rap music industry with contributions by Jay Z, Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Rick Ross to name but a few.