Flavor Flav Arrested For Assaulting Teenager

Flavor Flav Arrested For Assaulting Teenager | The Urban Daily

Flavor Flav Arrested For Assaulting Future Stepson - By 


You’d think after all of the trouble legendary hypeman Flavor Flav has had with the law in the past, he would stay far away from trouble. Then again, it’s Flavor Flav. He was arrested early this morning and charged with assault with a deadly weapon in Las Vegas.
According to Las Vegas Police, Flavor Flav got into a volatile argument with his fiancee and her teenage son. Once Flav decided he couldn’t get his point across with his words, he turned physically violent. Flavor Flav, real name William Drayton Jr.,  threatened his fiancee’s son with a knife. While Flav and his future stepson were fighting, Flav’s fiancee called the authorities.
The Public Enemy member was taken into custody around 3am. He was booked on charges of felony assault with a deadly weapon. Flavor Flav was also charged with misdemeanor domestic violence. Flav is currently awaiting for his $23,000 bail to be posted.
Since hearing about his, we’ve been pondering about the state of the relationship between Flav and his fiancee. If Flavor Flav is willing to pull a knife on your child, why are you still in that damn relationship? Knowing Flav, this probably isn’t the first time they’ve had issues like this. What keeps these women falling for Flavor Flav?!


  1. Flav better be careful. Y'all saw what that white girl did to Gary Coleman. Gary Coleman allowed this woman's brother to live with them in Utah. She or her brother busted Gary Coleman in the back of the heack with a blunt object. She then called 911 and told the police that Gary fell in his own house. Autopsy concluded that Gary died from blunt force trauma to the head. Until this day, Gary Coleman's widow is a free woman. Flav gone be next.

  2. BP, you should bring news as it is, unbiased. The last paragraph does not belong in a news section. That should be up in a gossip section. Separate that paragraph and make it a link to your (or a) gossip section, ask the question there and you'll even generate more hits for the legendary BP.

  3. There are always "2 SIDES" to every story........! Although I am completely against hitting "WOMEN" (and females), my Father use to always say: "IT IS BETTER THAT 12 JUDGE YOU, THAN FOR 6 TO CARRY YOU!" (catch my drift?) The elevator may not go all the way to the top in Flava Flav's case, but his "FAME & FORTUNE" still makes him a target for "GOLDDIGGERS" and other unscrupulous people! Someone said in a comment that if Flava Flav could threaten his Fiancee and her son with a knife, "AN INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP" with him is obviously a mistake in Judgment, and they need to disassociate themselves from him. Well, if Flava Flav's Fiancee & son are able to create an environment that would make Flava Flav "FEAR FOR HIS LIFE", it would be in Flava Flav's best interest to kick them to the curb......! Frankly, you could search the World over and not find sumpthin that I could "CARE LESS ABOUT!" So sincere, "SWEET P" (aka Michael Sydney Perkins)


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