KOTD - Rap Battle - Tricky P vs Chris Leese (CANADA VS ENGLAND)

After winning Don't Flop's inaugural Times Change tournament, Chris Leese booked his flight to Canada, having earned the right to compete at World Domination 3. A relative newcomer to the scene, Leese was not on many people's radars before this year, but the UK emcee burst into the battle world, tearing through the tournament. With victories over well known Don't Flop battlers such as Suus, Matter, and Im, Leese has become a regular in the UK battle scene, and makes his international debut with his first King of the Dot match. His quick wit and flow are his weapons of choice, allowing him to get under his opponents skin all while keeping the crowd entertained. As the first battle of the event, Chris Leese did his part to help set the tone for the weekend in this clash with Canadian veteran Tricky P.
One of the most recognizable Canadian battlers, Tricky P is back again for his third straight World Domination. Well known in Canadian circles, Tricky p has recently branched out to an overseas audience, having traveled to the UK to battle Suus and Redzer on separate occasions. Tricky P has always remained active, boasting one of the most active resum├ęs in battle rap today, with high profile matches against the likes of Rone, Deffinition, and Sketch Menace. Always quick with a joke, Tricky P has also displayed that he is more than capable of utilizing complex bars and hard hitting punchlines as well. Showing no signs of slowing down, this match with Chris Leese is another solid showing from Tricky P, kicking off World Domination 3 the right way.