KOTD - Rap Battle - J-Pro vs JC

#WD4 "Olymipics of Battle Rap" Hosted by @OrganikHipHop & @Drake. Watch the PPV FIRST at http://www.KOTDTV.com @KingOfTheDot - #TAKEOVER - @JProepsilon vs @ThekidJ_c Hosted By: @LushOne, @AspectOne, @HarleyPlays, @jfwong, @CorridorDigital, @TOPBattleRaps, & King Richard from SD & @Malathion01 NEW look KOTD forums: http://www.kingofthedot.com/forums Please Click LIKE & Add To Favorites If You Enjoyed This Video!!! Having solidified his spot among the best in the Fresh Coast, Oxnard emcee J-Pro is more than just a battle rapper. A member of the Epsilon Project, as well as a staff member of King of the Dot, when Pro isn't busy organizing events or recording music, he can be found writing rhymes in preparation for his next battle. Clearly one of the hardest workers in the scene, his appearance on camera two years ago marked the beginning of a killing spree for J-Pro, who represents hard for his scene by never taking an opponent lightly. Always consistent with his rhymes, Pro is known for his aggressive, bordering hostile persona, which, when added to his penchant for dope schemes and wordplay, make him an incredibly tough opponent to take down. Hoping to continue his reign of terror, J-Pro takes on one of his hardest challengers yet, JC, in this release from Takeover. One of the fastest rising stars of this generation of battlers, JC may not look like your average battle rapper, but what he lacks in relative age, he more than makes up for in skill. A young emcee coming out of Pontiac, MI, JC entered the Proving Grounds on URL as one of many of that incoming class, but quickly distinguished himself as the cream of the crop. After becoming a sensation overnight in a classic battle against Chilla Jones, JC saw his stock rise immensely, and began taking on a higher caliber of opponent. With battles against veterans such as Caustic, Yung Ill, and O-Red, JC's effortless flow combined with next level creativity and writing have propelled him to the top of the freshman class. Back in California, JC takes on J-Pro in this next release from KOTDFC's successful event Takeover. Sponsors: BCO Apparel - http://www.bcoapparel.com/ Recording Connection Audio Institute - http://www.recordingconnection.com Librado Biasca - http://reverbnation.com/libradobiasca Official Battle Rap App - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/offic... Filmed at: Basement 818 14516 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 Open - Mon-Sun 12-9pm (818) 817-3114 http://www.facebook.com/Basement818 @KingOfTheDot - #TAKEOVER - @JProepsilon vs @ThekidJ_c Hosted By: @LushOne, @AspectOne, @HarleyPlays, @jfwong, @CorridorDigital, @TOPBattleRaps, & King Richard from SD & @Malathion01 http://www.KOTDTV.com http://www.KOTDStore.com http://www.KingOfTheDot.com http://www.Facebook.com/KOTDBattles http://www.instagram/KOTDBattles http://www.twitter.com/KingOfTheDot http://www.ustream.tv/KingOfTheDot http://www.youtube.com/KingOfTheDot http://www.youtube.com/GroundZeroBattles http://www.youtube.com/ProveYoselfBat... http://www.youtube.com/KOTDMedia FOLLOW THE KOTD TEAM ON TWITTER: @KingOfTheDot @OrganikHipHop @RexKOTD @GullyTK @KingFlyKOTD @DjDoctaKOTD @ScottJacksonBB @RyanPVPKOTD @SketchMenace @ddubbkotd @HommyKOTD @ReverenceNS @Jawn1812 @KenGalloway @PhillyDFilms @seansirianni @Toro1812 @lemme_kno @Malathion01 @AspectOne @JProepsilon @LushOne @AvocadoIsGod @JDSFilms @Mix62 @lasparka604 @elcheapostudios @HipHopVancouver @MistaConspiracy @Areef03 @LifeOverCrime